Important things first: I’m updating comicpress on Thur! If you have browser issues do clear your cache!

Oh my god… Well let me tell you something. Photoshop is NOT NOT NOT my friend! Neither are pixel graphics! I’m amazed that my computer (which isn’t the newest, but dammit man.. it ain’t old either!) can throw around 600dpi images like it’s nothin’, but the 30dpi (read…REALLY SMALL) images I was working on to make the pixel parts were what made the computer crash so hard! The first page that I lost , I was NEARLY done.  I cried hot tears and felt like skipping work to get the page done (but it’s a new job and if I miss work I get fired). Ah well!! I came back and attacked this page with fresh eyes. I even rewrote the hand drawn parts and redrew them because I thought of better gags.

I guess I’m just proud. Page #250… It wasn’t SUPPOSED to be some big deal. It’s just one page in many many many I hope to give you, but it ended up becoming a big deal. I just wanted to have some fun and do something different for you, but the crash ended up having me put a level of shine on this page it wasn’t gonna have. Probably because I basically created the damn thing twice!

Anyway… I hope you enjoy it! It’s truly a labor of love. This one’s got some easter eggs in it for sure. Also, DEATH TOLL has risen by 1!! Farewell Shockdingo! The fellow in blue near the blood gauge in the largest pixel panel.


1. Adam Black -zombified then decapitated by Sarah Lee.

2. Kristin Phillips – zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

3. Pogo Phillips -zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

4. Rebel Yoda -zombified then killed by Metal heads “axe chop”

5.Guy In A Chair-zombified then decapitated by Rodney’s Crotch Rocket

6.Stephanie Holley-zombified then rode the crotch rocket to an explosive climax

7. Thjis Koole -zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

8. Silvermane-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

9.Ammc- zombified then betrayed by her own head turning speed

10.Indigo Warrior-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

11. ThatGuyLewis-zombified then “busted” trying to chomp Rosetta

12. Internetninja -zombified..last seen being fooled by Dornail’s disguise

13. Julien C-zombified…Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

14. Evil Genius Jim-zombified ..Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

15. Shockdingo-zombified..Rode Dornail’s crotch rocket to death
Do tune in tomorrow as well. It’s going to be remarkable!!