SO wait!?!? THAT WAS THE PLAN?! Uh… It would appear it was! Dornail’s intent to get Sarah Lee focused on zombie slaying and not shopping involves… chainsaw assisted masturbation? Well…. Sarah DOESN’T seem angry! Maybe it’ll work!  Do stay tuned.. There’ll be fallout from this for sure!

Do check in tomorrow as well! I’ll have some WICKED cool Fan art courtesy of Mr. Adam Black (of LOCUS! FAME!). Fine comic that one! Full of sexiness, action and intrigue!

Also I know you may be thinking “Hey Raven… For Dornail to make this plan he’s have to know about the chainsaw weapon…which he hasn’t seen YET!” Well… That’s getting explained in a page or so!

I also have to say that on the LAST page there was some reader death unaccounted for! James Wasson enjoyed his final pipe. Panel 1!


1. Adam Black -zombified then decapitated by Sarah Lee.

2. Kristin Phillips – zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

3. Pogo Phillips -zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

4. Rebel Yoda -zombified then killed by Metal heads “axe chop”

5.Guy In A Chair-zombified then decapitated by Rodney’s Crotch Rocket

6.Stephanie Holley-zombified then rode the crotch rocket to an explosive climax

7. Thjis Koole -zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

8. Silvermane-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

9.Ammc- zombified then betrayed by her own head turning speed

10.Indigo Warrior-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

11. ThatGuyLewis-zombified then “busted” trying to chomp Rosetta

12. Internetninja -zombified..last seen being fooled by Dornail’s disguise

13. Julien C-zombified…Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

14. Evil Genius Jim-zombified ..Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

15. Shockdingo-zombified..Rode Dornail’s crotch rocket to death

16. Stazz-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

17. Hellbore-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

18. Saorla-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

19. Makarovjac-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

20. Angelico-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

21. Noble Sir Coalheart-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

22. James Wasson-zombified…enjoyed his final pipe before a Sarah Lee chainsaw chop!