I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Okay! Let’s get down to business! 4 pages this week. Even if the “week” spills into the weekend so BE IT! I’m NOT letting this move pluck the feather from my cap that was going to be AUGUST going down with no missed updates. So know that!

On this page we see Dornail going morally bankrupt just to make a larger deposit in his spank bank. Did you get that gag? It worked for me. I had to stare at this page for days without the ability to update so for me it works if it still amuses me after so long. I realize though your mileage may vary.

The real treat for me is having Dornail’s plan finally stand revealed. He may have seemed to be pervertedly out of control, but this was all quite part of his grand scheme to get the girls on his side (and Raven in place as well).

Anyway the point pretty much being that Dornail isn’t necessarily as dopey as he may seem! He keeps perversion front and center while getting the job done!

Now my friends there is but a single page left in this issue!! I’m so excited! The third and final issue in this Silencio arc begins after the next page!!! And shit’s most DEFINITELY about to get hectic!

The shit hits the fan HARD next page! Coming Thursday!