Hey Guys!! Phew.. Sorry it took so long. Just a lot to color here. Anyway!! So Dornail’s plan worked like a charm. Sarah is ALL ABOUT the zombie killing now! So this frees up Rosetta to focus on killing too. So that’s the whole team in place killing zombies. Raven will set up stairways to heave, Rosetta is free to focus solely on zombie eradication because Sarah is focus on killing zombies too.

Just 2 more pages in this issue then on to the FINAL issue!! (of this story arc). OOOH I’m SO EXCITED!! Anyway be here Friday for more.

P.S. I gotta get that Adam Black pic I promised for you don’t I?! Give me a bit. I’ll have it up here a.s.a.p. It’s my day off so I got some time to work on things! YAHOO!!