Hey!! First off check out this bee-yoo-tiful fan art by Jentiful!
Click her name for her deviant gallery. Click the pick to view it full size.

My heart seems burst with joy and I did a little dance when I saw this one. Look at that Rodney! Dig that Dornail drool! Boob on boob action. It’s poifect!

Having said that I’m going to be working on today’s page, BUT I’m also trying to move today (No biggie, just from one apartment to another). Still that’s a pretty big distraction so I can easily say the page is going up WAY LATE (like in the east coast AM’s). If you wanna call it a Saturday page I won’t be mad at ya. Just do check it out cause come Monday we get the final page of this chapter and you won’t want to miss the page before it!

So, I’ll see you either late tonight or tomorrow. I’m moving which I hate with a fiery passion so do something fun for me in the mean time! See ya then!