So yer reading yer Raven’s Dojo funny book and everyone is heading in their own directions, you flip the page and BAM… Rodney’s in the vast graveyard we saw Silencio in when he VERY first showed up! (way back in January for you cats who’ve been in it for the long haul!).

And he asks us something maybe we should have wondered by now… Where the hell IS this giant graveyard?! So ends chapter 2. Next page begins chapter 3 the final chapter for Silencio’s arc. It’s all action and answers from here on out. Hang on!! Shit’s ABOUT TO GET HECTIC!

Also apparently some site made an image with icons from the top 1 million sites of 2010. It’s suspect. There are some small sites that belong to giants (like amazon), but hey!!! Raven’s Dojo was in there!! Check it out! Hilarious that we are overshadowed by a giant cartoon cock. That’s classy!