Wow! Page 2 and the guys are locking guns and deflectin’ bullets!! Silencio is showing his true colors now. With a flurry of lightning fast kicks he deflects Rodney’s assault!

Now Rodney’s just taunting him here. If you remember correctly Rodney has defeated Silencio with the 7 guns that make up the magnificent seven. He has also beaten all 6 members of the magnificent 7 at once. Silencio wields Buffalo’s guns “lightning” and “thunder”. So basically Rodney’s telling Silencio to get serious here…

But ol’ Noches has something up his sleeve… Remember, Rodney’s here because of Silencio’s machinations. It’s time to see what Silencio’s plan was!
P.S. Sorry. The weekend was fairly cram packed. I am keeping tabs though. I want to do that “extra” page dammit! So stay tuned on that. I’m horribly sleep deprived because I stayed up all night so I promise it wont’ be tomorrow. But maybe thursday? After the normal wed update? We’ll see. Wish me luck!