Oh man… I’m getting to update on time (YAY!!!), but sadly I’m not left much time to talk! I gotta be up in 3 and a half hours! YIPES! Okay… better be fast.

ROSETTA IS A BADASS!! Of course I enjoy the hell out of this moment. It’s rare! Rosetta getting to be strong for Sarah. Sarah getting to be pleasant. Both rare things! But there’s a subtext to this 2 page spread (the last one included). Rosetta being a rookie superhero is getting tested by Sarah. Is timid Rosetta really ready to split zombies into giblets? At the same time..Sarah DOES believe in Rosetta and despite this little test she’s showing this faith by putting her safety entirely in Rosetta’s hands.

Subtle but intentional. Tune in Friday!! I can’t possibly type a moment longer, but you will love it with all your heart and soul!