**** UPDATE****
Google Chrome users, try clearing your cache. That seems to make the dojo load consistently. Any other browser issues? I have one firefox complaint so far. Let me know if clearing your browser’s cache works!! Thanks to dojo amigo, Crystopher!

Okay. Well what a little heap of trials for the poor dojo. Writer block spins off into a hellaciously busy (although fun) trip home. And what text do I receive just as I am leaving, but a chum telling me the dojo is fubar? So here’s the best I can make of it. Google Chrome hates certain types of sites. Right now it seems to have issues with wordpress. And my girlfriend is having issues with blogger and flickr. Not the displaying, but some of the under the hood stuff. My best advice this seems like a google chrome issue. until they resolve it I highly recommend firefox or flock. Both excellent free web browsers.

Anyway 3 peeps have contacted me regarding dojo issues. Please tell me if you’re experiencing them and what browser because so far as I can tell on my end, Google Chrome is the ONLY browser the dojo doesn’t load in.

Anyway!!! On to the page!! The meatiest chunk to take away here is that Dornail is keenly aware that this whole shebang is a setup. Buffalo runs off in one direction, Silencio in the other. It’s a divide and conquer strategy. Plain and simple. Too bad Rodney doesn’t really care. Also it seems Rodney cares VERY much about Rosa’s secret staying a secret to Silencio. And on this point he and Dornail disagree. Other than that we are about to see the debut of Rodney’s GUN FU. Cause if you thought catching bullets and shitting them back was what it was all about think again.

Stay tuned!!! You could be dying in this next page! (p.s. no one appeared on this page since I didn’t have all my photo references when i went home-SORRY!)