Oh my… Female bonding and “Thatguylewis” bites the dust. Again. Upping the death toll by one more. We’ll add him to the final tally after a brief bit of jibba jabba.

So this sequence concludes an important bit of trust between Rosetta and Sarah. They’re both in this zombie hell and Sarah’s got shopping on the mind (you see why as of this page! It makes sense. We haven’t seen her in a relationship in many many pages. Plus she’s been rejected by two handsome faces in the series. Her self esteem is low.). Both girls are doing very well despite their fucked up surroundings! They’re strong ladies. Also I like that despite her super powers, Rosetta kinda needs Sarah more than Sarah needs here (though they’re both looking out for one another).  ANYWAY I hate tell Sarah, but we’re going to leave the girls to their shopping while we check in on someone ELSE monday!!

Who oh who!? Tune in! Find out!

And now…


1. Adam Black -zombified then decapitated by Sarah Lee.

2. Kristin Phillips – zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

3. Pogo Phillips -zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

4. Rebel Yoda -zombified then killed by Metal heads “axe chop”

5.Guy In A Chair-zombified then decapitated by Rodney’s Crotch Rocket

6.Stephanie Holley-zombified then rode the crotch rocket to an explosive climax

7. Thjis Koole -zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

8. Silvermane-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

9.Ammc- zombified then betrayed by her own head turning speed

10.Indigo Warrior-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

11. ThatGuyLewis-zombified then “busted” trying to chomp Rosetta