OKAY! WOOT! And FINALLY! So Let’s start by explaining that post title! And this is kinda important: Tomorrow I finalize my Keenspot departure! So make sure you bookmark raven’s dojo or subscribe to my rss feed or get my url tatooed on your wife’s boozums.

Although I do so enjoy being a part of Keenspot the agreement was I’d leave at the end of the month. That’s tomorrow, right? So just make sure you have a way to find me! I’m not going anywhere, but I won’t be available through the drop down menu or their front page starting tomorrow!

Okay. On to the page! Forgive any typos or weirdness in coloring. I pulled an all night and am hella sleep deprived. Plus I have work in 10 min so I gotta be real fast-like with things. But this page… it marks the sneaking away of Silencio (he snuck away in the blood mist created by the buttzooka) and the decision of Sarah to split apart from the gang! Also the death of adam black. Sorry adam! Happy anniversary!

Anyway I have much more I want to say (like if you’re one of the 10 comments pending please hang tight! I’ll approve you after work!), but I gotta gotta go! Enjoy and get excited! It’s about to get REAL zombie crazy!