*YAHOOOO!!!* 3 page in one week. FINALLY!! Well I hope I can keep it up. My far superior new job starts monday. I had the benefit of NO JOB this week. Anyway looks like that one had Silencio’s name on it! But uh… Kinda hard to tell from up where Rodney is what the real damage is (other than a bunch of zombies). Tune in!!! THE FIGHT RAGES ON! (and the rest of the gang make a move)… Now as for the rest of this thread reply if you can. It helps me know some important info!

So I have a question, my dojo die hards. I’m trying to get Raven’s dojo book one together and to be honest the damn thing’s going to be pricier than I’d like. I’ve shopped around at the major print on demand sites (lulu, kablaam, comixpress) and to be honest if you’re doing a color book you’ve got 2 options:

1. Don’t make much profit on each book sold (ensuring that I could basically never use these options to print out books to attend cons with)

2. Mark up books so much that they WOULD be profitable, but honestly expensive. Too expensive to be competitive.

Going black and white instantly cures this problem of course. But I like the fact that this strip’s in color. So do tell me what you think. I’m curious since hopefully you’ll be the one buying it.