Let’s not pretend it hasn’t been flakey around here lately. Work reared it’s ugly head with a pretty long and punishing stretch, plus I lost 3 days at Hero Con. That means it was 6 days between updates. Ugh. Just as long as you know I hate that and that I’m going to bust my ass to get things going full steam again. I hate hate hate delays!

Anyway Buffalo is off to turn the fine folks at Vanishing point into the undead. AND looks like those zombies are JUST as infectious as you’d imagine (despite their somewhat unconventional means of becoming infected). But is Rodney sweatin’ it? Hells no! The cards are all on the table (ok… a lot of them are anyway) and it’s time to brawl!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for all your zombie facebook/pics. I’m going to work hard to work folks into the comic. I’ll be sure to post if I put you in. Hopefully I can work in everyone. I’ll certainly try!