Sucked off by the vacuum of space! Sucked off the planet! In space-NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU CREAM! Well… Poor ol’ Fire Eyes. Guess deaths don’t get much worse than getting sucked inside out through your wang into space. Anyway  yikes!!! What more can I add to this?

Do note that Holy Mackerel is escaping. The demonkey hex is vanishing. Way back someone asked if the stone golem looked like Fire Eyes for a reason. Yep. it was a physical representation of his will. Anyway like I said… There’ll be some in comic words on all that. No need to go into it here!

Did you know we’re only 2 pages from the end of part 1!? Only 2 pages from the beginning of part 2 (where flash backs end and vengeance begins).

I’m excited!!! It’s going to be fucking awesome.

P.S. STILL haven’t had a chance to reply and welcome folks like I want!! Just know that I approved like 3 new comments so WELCOME guys! And I’m dying for some replying, but that’ll have to come in a bit.

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