So Rewind the comic JUST one page back. See Fire Eye’s dying breath? It’s garbled, but it was “one last magic trick”. A spell for the road. Silencio got it though. Now the game’s changed. Kill Rodney and Dornail and Rosa lives again.

And great big buckets of “O-SHIT!” looks like Silencio’s bustin’ open the coffin and bringing the full firepower of the Magnificent 7, the world’s deadliest guns. (Note: Uh… They’re actually probably not more deadly than regular guns, but ya know.. in the hands of a gun fu genius like Silencio they are definitely the 7 deadliest).

But hey wait… Wasn’t there like only a page to go on those half of the comic? Flashback CLIMAX! NEXT PAGE!!!

P.S. I’m feeling jinxed lately. Like if I say “See you this weekend!” some crazy shit will happen… so uh.. I will be TRYING to work on the page, but if something’s out there jinxing me, I only said Try! Don’t Jinx me!!

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