Wooo! Oh man… So we’re out of Flashback land. From a simple running out of toilet paper to running into an old arch enemy. The shit is officially about to hit. Now you see the events that took place on murder mountain and more specifically why Silencio has a vendetta against Rodney and Dornail (and particularly Rodney!).

I wanted this issue to go out with a bang and also punctuate the main points here. This is a Pre-C.O.C.K.S. bad guy who has popped back up. And he remembers things from before the planetary mind wipe! Hence his revenge quest. Whether that’s magic or whatever, we’ll see.

Anyway I’m stoked… Very stoked… True that was an actiony kind of flashback, but now we’re to the REAL fight! The reason we started down this path! I’m excited!

And aren’t you glad you aren’t reading this in print? Next page starts the new issue! BE THERE!

P.S. I have to say… Locus is heating up as well. I think major ass is about to be kicked. Also there is a rather nice upgrade Adam has done to his coloring. Do check it out over at http://www.needcomics.com/Locus/

P.P.S. I’ll do a fanatacon write up maybe tomorrow. A. I’m tired and B. I have work in a few hours (sigh..).