Here’s a free papercraft toy since I give away free comics everyday! You download him, print him, cut him out, glue him together and yer done! Below are supplies and instructions. Do enjoy!! (And p.s. I’ll throw the new comic up tomorrow… I realized I had to show off Dornail in the top spot)


*The Dornail pattern
*Cardstock paper
* Glue (Tacky glue is best, but elmers works!)

Step 1 download the Dornail pattern!

Step 2 cut out all the shapes.

Step 3 I recommend first you make the body. Here are some details on that!

Step 4 I recommend next you make the head. Here are the details on that!

Step 5 Attach the head to the body! Put glue on the lil white square on the back of his head and attach it to the top of his neck. If you find he falls forward just bend his neck back till he stops.

Step 6 From here you can glue on his feet, tail, and fins. Kind easy.

Step 7 Attach his arms and you’re done! Fold the “comic” in the middle then put glue on the inside of each of his arms. Press them to his body and yer done!

Step 8 Watch as suddenly everything around you gets sexually harassed!

P.S. Tongue optional. I couldn’t make it work, but couldn’t leave it out either. Maybe you can make it work!