So how’d that little free comic day thing go? Very well!

I wasn’t selling anything so the pressure to be a table slave was off. I was giving away my Dornail papercraft to promote the comic which worked very well. By the way that’s comic envy’s shop owner Darrin on the cover. His store comic envy is how a comic shop SHOULD be! Well, the event went very well. I shook babies and kissed hands.

I also got to meet Evan Dahm (creator of Rice boy) who is a fucking stand up fellow. And Marcus Lusk (creator of Tales from the Bog) who is also a fucking stand up fellow. Super people!

Highlights included being mistaken for Evan after he left (since I was sitting in his chair next to marcus in front of a bunch of Rice boy books) and Marcus letting us all sniff the giant sharpie he uses to lay down tons of black. Mmmm.


Marcus (blue shirt) and Evan (not blue shirt)