GAH!! Looks like the Worm God was bait for Holy Mackerel who turned out to be a mere offering to ASTROPHE!! The Divine Feline! Well… Dammit. Anyway no more Gods. I promise. ha ha. If you’re waiting for for something else to show up to eat the cat god well… I’m done. Promise. Point is that our heroes got played like a fiddle.

And what’s this!? Silencio to the rescue?! Only the next page shall tell!

HEY ON ANOTHER NOTE, Here’s something nifty!!

Do you live in the Asheville, NC area? If so I’m going to be hanging out around the greatest local comic shop COMIC ENVY all day for FREE COMIC DAY! So that’s neat! Use the link to the side of the blog here (under comic chums to visit). It’ll be me and the creator of Rice Boy and the creator of Tales from the BOG. I’ll be lowering the tone.

But there’s more niftyness…

Since I’m a webcomic guy and EVERYDAY is free comic day I figured I’d cook up something different to give away. So show up saturday and I’ll have some limited supplies of something neat and free that isn’t a comic to give away.

But, Raven (you say), I’m not going to be there. I live a jillion miles away!

Well that’s okay! Saturday only I will have my nifty free thing available here to download and enjoy.

Yay! I’m excited! Are you? It’s exciting I think! See you next page (hopefully hitting tomorrow as well since I have the day off today to work on it).