Hey Gang! Like Wario Ware? Like Raven’s Dojo? Push play to see my first micro game!

Well anyway… it’s simple. Tap Rodney (who falls at random locations) to save him. Fail and it’s farewell. Not dojo accurate, but oh well! It was fast and easy to make using the new Wario Ware D.I.Y. game. Wanna download it if you own the game? My friend code is 4898 8347 9446. Post yours if you have the game! I’d love to see reader creations!

Anyway back to the dojo

I’m going home for the weekend and won’t be back till Tuesday. So tuesday page it is! UNLESS I can find an internet connection to work from, but in WV that can be a tall order. Ah well! Enjoy yourselves and see you soon!

If you haven’t see my april fool video it’s below.