So you know I’m prepping the dojo for print one day, right? Today’s page is half of a double page spread. You’d flip the page and there’d be two pages cram packed full of mall humor. Ah well. The effect is kinda lost here, but the way I’ve done it it’s just two pages of panels that work together. So everything you need is here on this page and the next page will be more mall fun.

Anyways they’re having quite a bit of fun!! This was fun to draw, but a big fat pain in my ass to color. Don’t know if I love the gray look of the mall, but most malls have kind of a white interior and that doesn’t work well in a comic. Well… I’ll think it through. Maybe it’ll grow on me or something.

Lastly, if Sarah seems more agreeable than normal just know that while she’s still annoyed by the guys presence, she is less of a bitch when Rosetta is around. And Rosetta adores the guys. So that’s how that works!

See you… Hmmm… maybe not tomorrow right away… I have an early shift. But definitely by Thursday. (Wed if you’re a night owl like me).