At long last! The longest getting out of a car ever!! (more on that later..).

Silencio Noches!! The first PRE-C.O.C.K.S. mind wipe villain to step into the guys new life! But… Well, from the sounds of it, Silencio isn’t the villain in his eyes. Mystery! Intrigue! TONS OF FUCKING ASS KICKING!!! It’s all barreling down your way!!

So as for the next page… I’m going to work on getting the other two pages I was supposed to do this week up a.s.a.p.  Please please forgive me and Thank you thank you thank you for your patience.

As for why I was late with the page, I’ve had to deal with some professional sabotage at my day job. It’s been drama-rama. This sort of thing is sadly commonplace at my job, but it’s the first time I’ve had to deal with this kind of two faced, incompetence. Sad really. And yes.. deep down I pray they read this. Anyway it’s been fucking with the dojo which makes me very unhappy. Hopefully that shit’s in check!

Oh! P.S. Silencio is finishing his dialogue from the last page “Rodney and Dornail, forgotten, but not gone.” at the beginning of this page. Also he’s going to carry on what he’s saying at the end of this page to the next, so get ready for the TRUTH!