GAH! Frio! Who knew he’d ever get a name! Well… to be honest enough people were asking about him I thought I’d throw him in here just a tiny bit more. Looks like Frio is the twin brother of Silencio!! Although… They don’t really look so much alike.

Anyway important to note that Silencio is NOT referring to Frio when he’s talking about Rodney and Dornail’s transgression against him. Maybe it’s obvious, but I guess it could be confusing. The statue of the girl… that’s where the bad blood lies… Frio just led Silencio to the guys and well… You’ll see how next page!

Also I like that we have Sarah perving out. It’s not something I get to show a TON, but she’s as big a perv as Dornail if she sees a guy she likes.