So if you wanted to get both pges at once- BAM! Here ya go. CLICK THIS LINK!

Wow. So anyway sorry that took so long. I worked and worked and it never seemed to get done. ha ha. Anyway it’s done now. I had a ton of little mall gags I wanted to do. They’d eat up way too much space done in a non-splashpage format so BAM. Double page spread. This one is kind of loose in terms of the way the pages compliment each other. The panels should flow into each other (sort of) dividing the page into 3 chunks. Well… it doesn’t matter. Just trying something fun and new!

So there’s lots of mall fun to be had, but there IS this toilet paper business. And somewhere out there a smoking man swore retribution was nigh in a graveyard. So TUNE IN this weekend!

On the subject of when the update will hit… Hmmm. I’ll shoot for saturday night… sunday morning. Something like that.