What the damn hell!? Is it really page 200 already!?

Holy shit… I’m beamin’ with pride. I mean I couldn’t swear it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done more “new” dojo pages now than I had ever posted online in the past. So suck it, Past Me! New me kicks ass.

Seriously, it’s just a nice round number. I like to think of issues not page numbers. But when it’s so damn hard sometimes to even finish a page (like it has been this weekend) it’s a real triumph to think I’ve put down 200 of them. I have MANY MANY MANY more ahead. ha ha. Like I said, I’m thinking of this as issues and really it’s kinda limitless for me. I’ve had these guys kicking around in my life for my entire life. I’m just thankful so many fine folks are joining me for the ride.

P.S. This is the first time we’ve seen Rosetta’ s apartment since the old black and white pages. It was funny to see how I basically had the exterior look likeĀ  a fucking motel. What was I smoking!? Anyway I stuck with that for nostalgia.

Also while we’re at it, her apartment is more or less as it was before. Only this time it’s actually as sick with books as I had originally planned. Old me was kind of a lazy ass. He didn’t want to draw a bunch of books laying about.
OK!! ENOUGH!! See you Monday!