Okay…. So er… just for clarification the dojo font is in all caps. But for that joke to work I needed lower case “i’s”. The double ii in Wii makes a long e noise. Which perfectly fits in the word kegel. A kegel for those who don’t know… Well… maybe if you don’t know I’ll let you google it. Then think of the visual gag implied by Dornail. It’s pretty dirty. Pretty funny too I thought!

But it felt odd to create two lowercase i’s. I hope the joke comes across without too much baggage.

Anyway the toilet paper crisis continues!!! No longer about blame, it’s about what to do now! So tune in next time to see what the dojo crew cooks up!

P.S. Fat badger and Zera Valmar, welcome the fold!! I’m sorry it took so long to get your comments approved. Blame the super bowl!