UGH!!! So uh… forgive me… These last few days I feel like I’ve worked more than I’ve even been awake! Long long long hours at the day job. Anyway, I’m just as unhappy as you! I’m looking to make up for lost time so stay sharp this week.

Anyway Rosetta tried to stop Sarah’s nudist palm and ended up with a handful of Sarah Lee!! Well… as you can see all other insanity (costumes and all apparently) has given way to the fact that (quick as it was) Rosetta indulged in a tiny squeeze. Well.. That’s just magnificent to the dojo guys (a.k.a. the perviest of pervs).

Now while they seem to be diverted from the antics that were driving Sarah nuts, it’s obvious their full focus is on that quickie squeeze. Tune in soon to see the fall out from that!