Damn… Is it really 5 am? ha ha. The flip side of having a day off is having the luxury to over indulge in a gratuitous crowd scene. Which is fine and dandy for drawing but my coloring became woefully slow.

ANYWAY! So BAM… there goes Pegasus Unicorn’s cover! And well now he sticks out like a sore thumb. I should note Rodney had no idea everyone would strip in fear. His ultra violence (and rather silly plan) was enough to inspire an already less than loyal crowd to fully remove their outfits (thus removing any danger of horns up their asses). I should also note that neither of them knew P.U.’s outfit has a stuck zipper. It just worked out that way for them.

So Pegasus Unicorn is one had lad! It’s time to pay the piper. Or is it??
Tune in Friday! (also I am going to put up some sort of thursday treat. Just not sure what yet).