Hey it’s Tuesday!!

So it’s kinda meant to be Locus and Spook from Adam Black’s Locus. If you aren’t reading that comic I’m telling you it’s good stuff. I wanted to reference the characters, but then I said “Ya know… sometimes it’s fun to just draw and see how it comes out of your head without the reference.”. So here you are! It’s Locus and Spook-esque.

ANYWAY!! I’ve been so busy rushing my updates up just before work I’ve hardly been able to comment and reply. I was surprised at the out pour of support for Susie Blue Pubes. Perhaps I’ll throw in a bit more for her. (just a tiny bit). Also thought I’d add that this particular yarn is coming to an end soon. It’s got maybe a week or so and then that’s a wrap! It’s getting exciting!! Do join me tomorrow for more comicky goodness.