YAY!! The page that never would come is here!!! So first off forgive the delay. Last page jitters is right. I have to fight the urge to do things like show what happened to pegasus unicorn… fight the urge to do a lot of unnecessary stuff. Ultimately all that matters is that this is where the crew ended up and that’s MOST important. It’s safe to assume that since he got away we’ll see Pegasus Unicorn again. And next time Rosetta has some making up for the way things went this time.

Anyway I also had this fate for dornail in mind since he spurned Susie. Know that Dornail will always be punished for his naughtiness (I mean.. usually). So if you felt bad for Susie maybe you feel less so.

YAY YAY!!! NEW ISSUE STARTS THIS WEEKEND!!!! TUNE IN FOR BEGINNING OF THE NEW ISSUE!! I’m very excited! Can you tell? It was meant to be friday’s page so I’m going to work over the weekend. Be here or be square!