Whoa hey! I know that for most of you this is a sunday update. Sorry that it hit so damned late. I acknowledge I suck and I am going to bust my ass to keep at it this week. Anyway-

PEGASUS UNICORN and an UGLY ASS HAIR HORN!! UGH!!! That heinous thing was actually what was holding up his pajama top’s empty horn. More than any other pajama clad person here P.U. is serious about his unicorn fetish! Well I guess there’s also that secret weapon of his. He mentioned this way back when he was in the mailbox too if you don’t remember. But of course then he was plotting to use it on Dornail who turned out to be much less of a rival than Rosetta has become.

So stay tuned!! MONDAY we find out what trick he has cooking. Also Monday is the next to last page on this story! Then Friday a brand new yarn begins!! OOOH I’m so excited!!!