HEY! A freaking week later! YIKES!! Well… It’s okay. I was working ahead.  Sadly I don’t have a week buffer, but I’m better off than I was. I hope this helps. I had a rocksteady beginning and was hitting updates like clock work, but ever since my move I’ve been struggling with multiple jobs and other hurdles. Things aren’t perfect, but they’re much better so hopefully I’m going to be able to retain that consistency. I HATE missing updates. For one I have like eleventy billion ideas and the further I fall behind the longer I have to wait to draw those stories and tell those jokes!! Plus I really do hate disappointing my readers.

In a word, My new years resolution is to GET BACK TO MWF!! Come hell or high water. Wish me luck.

I have other smaller goals… I want to get the first book compiled. LULU has an excellent quality and although I’d have to make the books black and white to make them affordable I think it’s a fair trade. I’m thinking something big like 180 page graphic. Something like that.

I’m not sure what form it’s going to take, but I’d like to do something to occupy tuesdays and thursdays (that is assuming I can get back to my MWF speed!). I’m thinking maybe just sketches to begin with.. Something like that.

Finally I have some fun ideas for dojo related nick nacks. I have actually already created some nifty Raven’s Dojo pinback buttons (I own a button maker). It’s just a matter of finding the time to set it up here on the dojo.

Okay!!! Well, that’s that for the hopes and dreams. I want to work hard for you all. My dear readers, you make this journey so much better. I can’t NOT make comics. It’s just in me. It’s just so damned nice to have you along for the ride. I appreciate you and here’s looking forward to a KICK ASS 2010!

P.S. Extra special thanks for the donations. Every dollar is GREATLY appreciated. Sometimes they’ve been my saving grace. So thank you immensely.