So I realize that maybe you haven’t read Rosetta’s Origin. I mean… Those old comics are hard for ME to read!! So ugly.  Anyway Rosetta’s powers aren’t just flight. The spiral on her uniform (and the same spiral that she draws to activate her powers and make Index tangible) are all based on the “Life Spiral” which was the secret design at the foundation of all existence. The alternate realty Egyptian civilization that Rosetta got her power set from used that as a basis for tapping into great power.

Rosetta can focus and make the molecules in her fingers vibrate in unison giving them a great strength and the ability to cut or crush like a knife!

At least that’s the pseudo-science we’ve got cooking here anyway. Well, now that I think of it this is probably only the 2nd time in all these pages and years we’ve seen Rosetta really use this ability! Which is kinda sad since it’s like, her primary form of attack.

Anyway THAT’S how you disarm an army!! Things don’t look good for the Pegasus Unicorp. Join us Friday as we check back in on the aftermath of this super powered display… and find out how Dornail’s doing!