UPDATE:Dang it!! I’m so so close to getting the page up! I have to go in at 2 though. Sigh… So if you’ve got it in you join up with me tonight (or Christmas). If not, Merry Christmas!!! I’ll see you next week!!

Next up, I’ve resigned from Keenspot. There seems to be a bit of a scandal around it all, but I’m leaving on good terms. The important thing is nothing at all is changing for you the reader. If you’re coming here through ravensdojo.com then here I shall remain. The change is largely unimportant to the reader, but in case you’re only navigating here through the drop down bar or something I felt I should give you the heads up to just book mark my dot com address. I’m not sure when changes will take place in the site design, but again, it’s no biggie.

Well!! Business as usual then! Back to the drawing board!