Sorry, Gang! The page will be up tonight. Plain and simple I fell asleep. I had an alarm set, but well… Never trust an IPOD alarm!

Anyway I need your help, guys. I’ve only received two complaints one other and this one:

Anyone else getting the problem of virus warnings and redirects while trying to get to this site now? since this page went up I tried to show it to friends and the link sent them to an adware site and just now my anti-evilnets alerts all went haywire and wouldn’t let me on either. might be one of the ads?

If you are getting viruses there’s definitely a bad ad in the mix. I can contact my providers but I have to know what it is. Please send me a screen cap of the moment things go wonky if you can (hit printscreen on your keyboard then paste in an image editing program). And email me at ( r a v e n a t r a v e n s d o j o dot com ).

It’s only 2 complaints so far, but I wanna kick this thing in the ass!