Hey Gang. Sigh… Is it saturday already!? Anyway here’s Wed’s page and Friday’s is coming tomorrow.

So while Dornail was  having his fantasy it would appear that a much larger crowd was attracted and well… Crowds of people aren’t known for their smarts. That’s okay! The lynching Dornail is surely about to receive should buy Rodney and Rosetta time to sneak away so she can “power up”. Don’t forget… Pegasus Unicorn is still about to get a super hero spanking from Rosetta. Then again Dornail may need saved as well. Tune in tomorrow!

And now for some super cool news:
The fine folks at my local comic shop Comic Envy have invited me to join Danielle Corsetto (of Girls with Slingshots fame)  on NOV. 21st (that’s one week from today!) for a comic signing from 3 to 7pm!! Super Cool stuff, right? Thanks to Danielle for letting me crash her signing. I really don’t have anything for folks to sign… Maybe I’ll work up some buttons or do some doodles or something. Anyway if you live in the Asheville NC area please stop by! I’d love to see ya.

Need instructions on how to find Comic Envy? Check their site out (linked in this post or also over there under comic chums).