Okay, Gang. So here’s the skinny!

First off I hope your halloweens were awesome. I went to a haunted house and watched scary movies. Not bad for adult fun.

Second I have one thing on the mind with the new month: CREATE A BUFFER!!! I’ve long known I need to do this I just haven’t wanted to do it. It basically means I gotta pull back a wee bit on the updating so that I can stockpile pages. Naturally I hate that since I don’t create as many pages as I want to already! But anyway the point is that I need to initiate some kind of temporarily reduced schedule to help me build up at least a month’s buffer.  I’ve already gotten some good suggestions, but am willing to hear more. So you’re my readers! What do you think?

In other news I am still going to get the 2 pages from last week up before I consider myself “caught up” with the new reduced schedule. So keep sharp! I’m going to be updating basically whenever I can this week.