Although Rosetta basically yells what lesson one is (don’t question master!) I just wanted to clarify… Early on (in the retro dojo section in fact) Rosetta decides to be Rodney’s and Dornail’s pupil since she believes they’ve done the world saving they claim they have. Rodney makes it pretty clear that he’s not to be questioned. Doing so results in instant punishment.

It was a gag I introduced just before the comic went on it’s “college forced” hiatus and I never got to really use more than once. So here’s it’s big debut in the new stuff! Rosetta usually doesn’t question Rodney much so it won’t get run into the ground, but well… she’s a sweet girl and I don’t think anyone would feel too good about being ordered to beat down Pegasus Unicorn. So she had to question that order just a lil…

Anyway thanks for bearing with me guys! I know updating is eratic right now. I’m busting them out as often as I can (and still want to play catch up… I guess I’m 3 pages behind? eek…).  I don’t want folks getting bummed out so remember that once a day (and in the evenings) is a safe time to check.

Ok! I’m off! P.S. Still open to suggestions on slightly reduced updating schedules to help me build a buffer. Sound off if you got a schedule you’re used to!