WOO! Well here we go! I wanted to try something artsy fartsy (not really). In my brain script it was a bunch of people beating each other down. I said “Why just draw panels of this? Go nuts!” I like the confusion and clutter… having to search about for the violence. It fits the chaos of a crowd beating each other down!! Anyway… Hope you like it.

Raven of ravensdojo.com and @dcorsetto! Webcomic buddiesss on Twitpic
Also was Comic Envy was super fun!! I feel a bit like I embarrassed myself to be honest. I didn’t really have much to show off! I wanted to have my old Season 1 comics, but ugh.. they’re super lame and don’t really look a thing like what I’m doing here. SO I instead went with buttons and thought I’d sketch a bit. Ah well! It was very fun. Danielle and Jessie were too sweet. I have some photos, but uh… I’m not so sure how to work my girlfriend’s camera. SO those will be up tomorrow(sunday) some time!