First off, thank you for your patience. I consider this page Friday’s page and I’ll be working on Saturday’s page tomorrow. For those of you who will be there I’m going to call the shot and say it’ll probably hit late in the evening. Maybe that night (although hopefully not in the a.m. like tonight’s page).

Now!! This page this page… As you know I want this issue to wrap up in a single issue. That means there’s just 2 pages to go then NEW stuff! Of course, we’ll see Jen Yen (and Ken Yen and Jane) again, but I realize that there’s not  really space or a need to dwell entirely on time travel. Oh it’s crazy interesting to me! But I imagine that they’ve had this series of misunderstandings and at last everything is out on the table. They probably aren’t going to dwell on it much (especially when it’s merely a theory). All the important stuff is out there.

Time travel is possible. Rodney and Dornail have an adventure coming down the pipes involving big time evil and Ken yen and Jane. Jen Yen exists.

Now I know you may want more time travel info! The concept is laid out in Ken Yen’s meandering thought process on the journal page Rosetta is reading in the first panel. So the info is there for those that want it, but really… it’s not necessary to have any knowledge of it to enjoy this or even future stories.

Anyway I’m not going to ignore it any longer! 2 pages and we STILL don’t know what the hell is the deal with Raven, Mang! Tune in Saturday and Monday for the final 2 pages.

P.S. Thank you to my most excellent commenters. You always amaze me that you post no matter how late I post!