So Sarah gets on the subject of misunderstandings that lead to the fight between Rodney, Dornail, and Jen Yen-not thinking that there’s a good chance that if Rodney remembers his “master” got cut in two he’s liable to start fighting all over again!!

But that wasn’t who he was thinking about, Mang!

Rodney wants to know where Ken Yen and Jane are! Which… good question… We’ll find out soon. Also even someone as dumb as Rodney has tact sometimes. The last panel more or less is him trying to figure out how a married man who basically lives to get back to his wife and son ends up having a child with another woman.

AWKWARD!! Anyway… Answers Monday. Lastly there seems to be a comment FRENZY lately. I love it. So thanks guys! I’ll reply as much as I can.