Have you read my black and white strip comic Either dojokes and bacon strips? It was called that because baconstrips was the title I wanted to give my comic strip, but Dojo crew jokes (dojokes) were included as well. Penny Shuriken is a reference to a strip in which Rodney deemed a penny’s true worth as a dirt cheap throwing implement (and the only reason they’re really kept in circulation).

Anyway… I have had all sorts of unfunness holding me from my updates. I’ve got 3 to get fired off this week don’t I (not counting this page)? I’m not gonna make promises. Just know I’m going to be going at it like a madman trying to keep quality up while hitting 3 pages. Wish me luck and check back at least once a day. Thanks Guys!

P.S. Just to clear up any confusion this is the start of a new chapter! Thus begins a new adventure!

P.P.S. I’ll be replying to your comments a.s.a.p!