Hey Gang! New issue and a new menace apparently! Conceal your chest’s fat sacks! Lest their undulations be viewed by PEGASUS UNICORN! haw… Oh this guy… Well, kitty needs saved fast! Of course in the crowd we see some familiar faces I’m sure will have something to say.

I’m going to have a shift so there won’t be another page till saturday. BUT! Tune in! I’m going to do the saturday page then BLAM-O! I’ll be back up to speed!

Anyway I’d also like to reply to a comment I had hoped to respond to earlier. Every now and then I reply to one right here since I’d like everyone to note the reply…

New commenter Zigzagscalawag comments: (welcome to the fray, by the by)

So maybe I’m just a nerd, but I had to try to read the text in the book, and I can make most of it out except for the last paragraph or so. Here’s what I am able to read, although it’s possible there will be mistakes:

* Infinite choices lead to infinite paths. Our present choices are our future.

* Space and time are separate. But are these dimensions the separation of time into space?

* Rather than separate dimensions, are these dimensions proof of all choice coexisting simultaneously?

* If I can navigate alternate realities, […]

And that’s as far as I can decipher. Rosetta’s comment in the second panel might explain why Ken Yen came across Rodney and Dornail so often: if they are, as Jen Yen suggests, unique in all the possible dimensions and so are the Beast Blade and Jaws of the Jade Dragon, then the book seems to imply they would be drawn to each other.

I’ll first say that your interpretation of Ken Yen’s theory is correct. Ken Yen could never make it home yet he had multiple encounters with Rodney and Dornail leading him to believe there was a strong possibility that omniversal singularities might be attracted to one another.

Now for the rest of Ken Yen’s last paragraph. It reads “If I can navigate alternate realities, variations of choices made, am I navigating time?”. Ken Yen reasons that alternate realities might be similar to alternate timelines. His ability to navigate alternate realities makes him wonder if all possible variables of all possible choices might simultaneously coexist.

Pretty much that whole last issue was all about simultaneously establishing some characters from Rodney and Dornail’s “Pre C.O.C.K.S.” past and also setting up some future adventures (you know obviously that Ken Yen, Rodney and Dornail have at least one more adventure… although they may have more than that. We’ll see).