Hey Gang!

First off a couple of thanks. Thanks to everyone for being so awesome during this rough transition here. I know it’s not fun, but just know it’s temporary. As soon as I can get my schedule/job/whatever more stable you’ll get updates like clockwork. On the other hand I REFUSE to do less than 3 pages a week! So your 3rd page is getting worked on for sometime during the weekend.

The other thanks is to two readers for donations (one of which is a HUGE life saver). I’m not so desperate I’m not eating, but seriously it’s kinda scary in the bill department. So I am TRULY grateful.

Also thanks for everyone’s kind words on the last page. I know it’s different stuff, but heck… It’s part of her origin and motivations for traveling from dimension to dimension. I felt it had better be worth the danger involved!

OK! Comic stuff!!! So poor Rodney. He’s not really an emotionally complex guy. You couldn’t expect his pea brain to cope with loss well. But something just doesn’t ring true about Jen Yen’s explanation of when Ken Yen got the wounds that took his life! And well… Dornail’s got her on the spot!

What the hell could it possibly be?! Tune in… uh… Sunday!