Hey Gang!

Phew! Okay… Well the work thing didn’t help, but I admit that this is hitting now instead of last night because DAMN! When I go to write romance CORNINESS flows from my pen! I really have to fight cheesy lines like “love undying” and “they’ll be together in my memories”. I really didn’t want that. So I was slugging it out with the dialogue in that respect.

The other challenge was that this comic is nearly over! Remember I wanted to give you a single shot issue for a change of pace (plus no need to dwell on this story for a full 2 parts).  However that meant writing this page more economically. There’s so much I want to put down! But you know after slugging it out, I’m happy with it. The dialogue is loaded. Meaning to say that you can hopefully infer things well past the simple statements.

Primarily the Ken Yen hooking up and settling down thing. He loved his wife and son, but they hadn’t even come close to finding them for years and years… Plus many of the dimensions they encounter are very dangerous. So rather than risking his life getting taken and never seeing home anyway, while spurning someone he had genuinely grown to love Ken Yen made the hard decision to stay and live the life he was given. Although he never let his love for his family die in his heart and thought of them often.

Wow! See how wordy?! But you know… I think there’s enough on the page that you can come to conclusions like that. And if not, there IS this blog. heh heh.

Anyway ENOUGH! Don’t worry that yer favorite funny has gone all mushy on you. This is simply the fate of Mr. Ken Yen and the origin of Jen Yen’s motivations to be honest. Her quest is Ken Yen’s although with slightly different intents.

I’m going to have a much easier time with Wed’s page and see no reason why that and Friday won’t be on time. So see ya there gang!!

P.S. Don’t worry about “Ken Yen’s wounds”. You’re not supposed to know what those are just yet. More on that soon.