Hey gang!

Nothing like some pseudo science to get the blood pumping!! Well… Okay… pretty much this simply establishes that there is one and only one of certain things. Rodney and Dornail, KenYen, Jane, the beast blade are all one of a kind. Aren’t you glad? That makes things far less confusing.

Oh but then there’s that sticky wicket of time travel… Meh. It’s not that hard to wrap your head around. More on that on the next page.

Time Travel integrated into the Beast Blade was something I’ve always had planned even from WAY back in the old days (I mean like when I was a kid! Remember… Ken Yen’s almost as old as Rodney and Dornail). I know that alternate dimensions and time travel can become a headache if they aren’t handled well so I’ll be careful when using them. They pretty much only come up when Ken Yen (or I guess Jen Yen too now) are involved in the story.

Anyway only 2 more pages to go this week! 3 more pages till the issue is finished! WOOT!!! I’m excited!!!

Lastly I explain this image…

It’s simply because I was doodling and noticed Rosetta has a head JUST like a pacman ghost! So I threw in Sarah for good measure. Have fun! See you sometime tomorrow (although I work a double shift so it will be admittedly late).