Ha ha. Okay.. Gang. I’m sorry, but when work gets in the way I’ll tell you (as it did today. The page will be up after my shift ends), but SUNDAY… well it was my day off and I just happened to have a day off with my gal pal too so I just couldn’t get to the drawing board. Sorry. It was truly self indulgent. Okay! That’s alright.

4 pages this week! I’m not sure when they’ll hit per se, but since one is almost in the can, it shouldn’t be a tough feat to pull off. Also that ALMOST brings this issue to a close! There’ll be just ONE more page!!! Then NEW stuff!

As fun as it’s been I always look forward to the new issue!! Anyway for now I’m dancin’ for the man (i.e. work), but I’ll get back on it after my shift ends and there’ll definitely be a page up tonight.

Thank you so much for your understanding. You’ve all been so awesome!