Hey Gang!

Well, as I put Friday’s page up today, I don’t feel so bad since I know that I’m going to hammer out 3 more this week. That will put us a single PAGE from this issue’s conclusion! I’m so excited! Excited for the finish and excited for the next issue!!

Speaking of which.. Jen Yen drops the bomb on you on THIS page! This is the final piece of the puzzle I wanted to bring with the reintroduction of the Yenji’s. And no… You didn’t miss anything. So far as Rodney and Dornail have known the Beast Blade was ONLY capable of traveling from dimension to dimension. This time travel thing is news to them! (and well… Jen Yen seems to not have known either).

More questions shall be answered (I realize you probably feel all “wtf” right now. Heh heh. that’s okay) with tomorrow’s page.