OKAY! The page is UP!

Well, Kentaro and Janedora there did have their fair share of dumb fun with Rodney and Dornail. And Dornail’s narration touches on just a tiny detail that’s important to Kenyen’s character. The reason he doesn’t settle down in a nice, safe dimension (because he came across them) was that he wanted to see his family so much he’d willingly risk a dangerous dimension.

Anyway this issue is about to… well… hmmm… No! On second thought let’s just say that you should tune in Monday! It’s gonna be the cat’s pajammas.

By the way, yesterday was Ravensdojo.com’s 1 year anniversary! Be sure to read the post below. It’s full of sentimental mush fueled by comic artist gratitude.  Thanks again for reading and enjoy your weekend!