Hey guys! Okay!! Well for once a work shift helped me out a bit. When I left I had a fully scripted page. Then while at work I just kept thinking about how it really was kinda lame… Then I thought up some stuff I really wanted to add and presto! Today’s page! Granted… that threw me off my late game, but ah well. I think the page is better for it.

Jendora Yenji (a.k.a. Jen Yen!) finally put two and two together on the identity of Rodney and Dornail! So uh.. the tears… If the seem a bit much just remember that she’s heard about these guys and their adventures all her life, but… well… after years of not meeting them they probably didn’t seem real. Anyway it’s not stated on this page, but the perversion, the knowledge of her mom and dad, Sarah using Dornail’s name, and the vague description she had in her head all came together.

Anyway there’s still quite a bit of esplainin’ to do!! So stay tuned. More answers tomorrow! Also thanks for the rush of comments. I gotta head out the door (sigh… work!!), but I’m going to be replying here and there tonight. Till tomorrow my friends!